From the wilds of the frozen north to the subtropical warmth of the south, Thomas and his team; with the support of passionate locals, are foraging, harvesting, diving and hunting up and down the length and breadth of Japan in search of flowers, fruits, fungi, spices, seaweed, and herbs.

The bounty of nature provides the inspiration for everything that we do here at INUA. As we get very defined seasons in Japan, we have access to a really exciting range of produce throughout the year, and we want to take our guests along on this wonderful journey of discovery with us.

The menu will seek to move and dance with the seasons and with respect – take nature’s lead.

INUA MENU (四季 Shiki)     29,000 JPY
Full expression of the season

ALCOHOL PAIRING              12,500 JPY
INUA JUICE PAIRING              9,500 JPY

INUA MENU (節気 Sekki)      23,500 JPY
Shorter reflection of the Shiki menu

ALCOHOL PAIRING                 9,500 JPY
INUA JUICE PAIRING               7,000 JPY

Prices are excluding tax and charges.